Trump to Legalize Marijuana Across the US?

Love him or (probably) hate him, we have been dominated by Donald Trump related news, debates, arguments and general disappointment for the last weeks and months. However, the question on every stoner's lips is whether we can envisage a future in which we can legally release Trump-related stress with a federally taxed joint or two? Will Trump lean in our direction and legalize marijuana in all 50 states?

According to the man himself, the US drug enforcement is a ‘joke’ and he wants to legalize certain drugs so that we can ‘take the profit away’ from the drug dealers and leaders. Once legalized, President Trump said that the revenues the nation will see from tax can be put towards something meaningful including the education of the dangers that come with taking drugs.

Additionally, President Trump has also noted his plans to bring back a number of manufacturing jobs and this applies to the trade of drugs. Essentially, he has said that he doesn’t want numerous foreign drug leaders to get rich and employ foreign staff. Instead, he noted it should be American drug leaders who take the profits because this puts the money back into the American system and allows many Americans to be employed.

Above all else, it certainly is an interesting point that President Trump makes. Since American drug dealers have been pushed out of the country in recent years, Trump wants to see them return and stay within the borders of the US. Instead of punishing them so they are forced to find new markets in different countries, we should foster them and keep them in the US.

Furthermore, Trump has also noted how the war on drugs is currently being lost and the only way to win is to legalize the supply. So far, we have seen him talk about ‘winning’ quite a lot so losing the war on drugs could be a damaging start to his reign as President.

Despite what he has said previously, we should proceed with caution though because he has shifted his stance a couple of times since the very first claim. For example, more recently he suggested that marijuana has significant medicinal purposes and, when used in this environment, he sees no problem with the exercise - a bit different to ‘let’s legalize marijuana in all states’. However, his views on the war on drugs have remained consistent throughout and this could be the one factor that pushes the legalization to occur. Currently, Trump believes that we are doing a ‘poor’ job at policing drugs. If the policing isn't going to be done correctly, he suggested that ‘other alternatives’ may be the way forward.

Of course, we are used to seeing these sorts of statements in the Presidential election campaign. Early on, candidates stay wide right or left to appeal to the two extremes. As the election gets closer, and this is something we saw last year, the two candidates move towards the middle in attempts to attract the opposite side. However, let’s not forget that businessman Trump spoke on the legalization of marijuana many years ago - in 1990, in fact.

It remains to be seen what happens in the coming years but one thing is for certain - marijuana is currently a $40 billion industry in the US. Considering the amount we are spending to bring this to an end, it could save and generate significant amounts of money for the country if it were legalized. If you believe Trump’s words, it could be a matter of time before marijuana is finally legal across the US!

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