Marijuana & Fitness: Can Getting High Get You Ripped?

Marijuana, apart from being (sadly) stereotypically associated with all things lazy, can, in fact, offer a variety of amazing benefits from a fitness fanatic’s standpoint. With a bit of careful fine tuning in terms of strain and environment, it can, in fact, be your focus-inducing, muscle-repairing, boredom-busting best ‘bud’.

We all know that half the battle of the gym is a mental dedication, from in persuading yourself to slip on those sneakers, to pushing through that extra rep. Smoking some Sativa pre-sesh can up your focus and get you in the zone, helping you push your workout to the max, weed can be just what you need to help ease the mind-crushing monotony of the treadmill.

There’s also evidence to say that weed is good for our health and fitness regardless of whether you even quite make it onto the elliptical. Weed has been proven to raise the metabolism, speed fat loss, lower cholesterol, and control insulin, not bad for a pre-gym, fat -burning boost, in fact, multiple studies have shown that pot smokers are just… thinner.

Weed has been shown to contain anti-inflammatory and healing properties, and consuming cannabis during or after a workout can help to fix the bones or muscle tissues that have been injured, helping to keep bruises and soreness at bay, recover quicker and see better results. A joint beats synthetic pain-killers hands down for any injuries, and can help you smash through pain thresholds to reach that PB.

In California, cannabis gyms have already started popping up, allowing stoner gym-bunnies to puff while they pump iron. Combined with dispensaries or BYOC (Bring Your Own Cannabis) they are offering a way to exploit the relationship between getting high and getting ripped.

As marijuana becomes more mainstream, more and more professional athletes are publicly turning to toking as a training aid to help them swim faster, lift heavier, fight harder and run quicker. Facing multi-hour grueling training regimes, fitness buffs are using it alleviate pain, decrease nausea and improve mood, consuming edibles or vaping to not affect the lungs.

So, there you have it, obviously it will depend on dosage, strain and consumption method, but lighting a bowl before you bench might just help you get into eye-of-the-tiger mode, and help you achieve that Adonis body that you deserve.  After all, with 23 Olympic gold medals to his name, Michael Phelps can’t be wrong…

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