8 Rules for Smoking Weed for Newbie Tokers and Smokers

Different unspoken stoner rules vary from smoking buddy groups, from country to country and even coast to coast. Although weed culture has refined and branched, there are some smoking rules that will always hold true. Check out this list of 8 smoking rules you should always live by...

Don’t Bogart the Weed

If you are in the company of friends smoking, be rest assured you will have to pass the smoke. Nothing can be worse than a smoker who smokes until there is nothing left to smoke.

Ash Before You Pass to Friend

When involved in blunts and joints, be certain to ash your stogie before handing it over to your friend. This will ensure that the cleanliness of the floor is maintained, your friend is allowed to focus more on just smoking, or it can reduce the risk of fire outbreak.

Puff Puff Pass

It goes to the left just after 2 hits. No contest. This is a rule that is as old as the word ‘weed’ itself.

Keep the Flame up

Ensure that you cherry continues to roll.we warned you against borgating the joint, keeping it lit being part of it. You stand the risk of letting the flame fade away if you form the habit of wasting precious time with the joint in your hand. Having to reignite blunts and joints with butane lighters can subdue the flavor already being enjoyed.

 Leave the rolling of the joint to the expert

There’s no need to be heady. Let your friend help you with rolling if he’s a much better roller than you. You can still be charge of providing the spark for the joint. After all, it’s your weed we’re talking about, right.

Beggars Can’t be Choosers

If you came to the table without a bud, don’t speak trash about the buds that others have provided. Nothing is worse than a pedantic friend who has to talk about but trash, trash and more trash.

Sharing is Caring

If you find yourself smoking in the company of complete strangers for the very first time, you should ask to throw down on what it is you’re smoking. Most times, what people offer in this kind of situations is to “match”.

Don’t Freak Out…Man

Be mindful of your limit. As someone who smokes regularly, you should know the amount of weed you can take in without losing it. Okay, your friends will clean up your mess if something goes wrong, but this should not become your habit.

Are there any additional rules observed by you and your buddies? Kindly let us in on it in the comment section.

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