8 Myths about Female Stoner That Need To Be Broken

You close your eyes, and the music keeps blasting. You keep inhaling as the joint is passed. You open your eyes, and realize you happen to be the only woman in the mist of all the guys packed in the room. The prevalence and popularity of weed isn’t very different from what existed in the ‘70s, as more and more states embrace the legalization of marijuana.

For guys, there’s a high chance that he’s a smoker, deals, is into both or has some link with someone who ticks one or more of those boxes. “Come over and chill” nearly means that means that lots of college and high school students smoke. But a girl who smokes is tagged a ‘bad girl.’ Women who smoke weed for recreation regularly face stigmatization. They are all believed to be on a fast lane to nowhere, and are regarded as tough bitches. But women don’t take to smoking just to be called names. Smoking happens to be a ritual that, in itself, is bonding, whether what you are having is a solo dolo zen session, or smoking in the company of your friends. It should really be having a calming effect on the soul. Smoking helps to open up the mind, induce creative thoughts and wild conversations that get everyone laughing out loud, but find it hard to remember the next day. But what about those women who would prefer to smoke, wearing no makeup, and just hanging out with and catching some fun with their girlfriends. Why does the society decide to look down so much on them? Here we bring to you eight myths of female stoners that require some bursting.

Women who smoke weed don’t have their lives together.

Weed smoking can go on for the whole day, or just a cameo before getting back into the ‘real’ world. The fact there’s some time of the day was set apart to unwind; it doesn’t indicate that nothing was there to unwind. As there continues to be growing pressure by the society on work continuously and attain success until their death, there is a more pressing need for relaxation. Take Rihanna, for instance. She wouldn’t still be ‘balling ’ if her productivity has been reduced by weed.

It will never get you anywhere.

Lots of women keep their smoking habit from the eyes of the public. Women have a strong devotion to their careers, which is fueled sometimes by the smoking of weed. Marijuana isn’t just used for recreation purposes alone. It is prescribed medically to people who suffer from anxiety, find it hard to sleep, struggle with eating or are living through some sort of physical pain. It’s a herbal supplement aimed at calming you and giving you a break during the day.

She’s a bad seed.

Women who smoke weed are often assumed to be aggressive. The real fact, however, is that women who smoke are the ones who love chilling. When a woman begins to ponder on the idea of smoking, she actually wants to sit with friends, light up and chill. Weed has a calming effect that melts any feeling of anger that has built in inside of you. She’s actually looking for peaceful setting, not rough or tensed.

She can’t hang out without smoking weed.

Since weed smoking is more with men than it is with women, chances are that you don’t have friends who are into smoking. Some of them may have the belief that you can’t hang out with anyone without smoking. Even if it means smoking before you hang out with them, you have still chosen to be with them. Weed is not absolutely needed when sitting with someone. As good friends, all you need to have a good and fulfilling time is just their company. Women who are into smoking look forward to hanging out with smokers or non-smokers. What matters the most to them is the environment and company.

She does it solo, not socially.

Weed smoking isn’t considered an addiction, but an art. If you are a stoner chick, there’s much to be desired about the pieces you’ve got, if you are capable of rolling and pulling off tricks. Smoking is mostly enjoyed when done in the company of friends. It’s a mellow and, at the same time, social substance. There will be times when you will be all alone and you only have a few minutes to smoke and keep up your mind’ balance. It is both a group unwinding session and a much personal vice. Stoner women are considered to be social butterflies, and are also at peace with themselves. They are self-dependent and love the solo smoking breaks, as well as smoking with friends.

It makes her hard and mean.

Women who are into smoking tend to get the most criticism and bashing from women who aren’t into smoking.  Often times, guys will rate stoner chicks way higher than their counterparts who drink to stupor four times every week. But women who don’t smoke marijuana at all seem to give the most accurate judgment. Unfortunate, changing their minds isn’t something that is easy, especially if you are not personally known to them. Their minds are block from the idea of weed smoking, either from media influence, parental influence or for the reason that the idea never crossed their minds. Showing the friendly side of you is the best way to handle it. The weed hasn’t changed you into a mean or an aggressive person. Irrespective of whether they smoke or not, their friendship is always welcome.

She’s only friends with guys.

There’s something about women who happen to have less female friends than male friends. The reason for this is due to the fact men are free of drama, not so judgmental, and focus more on just smoking and chilling. Women, who smoke, however find solace in other women’s company. Girlfriends (stoner or not) are required in the life of every woman. Just because a woman is into smoking weed, this does not mean she will keep away from the company of both genders. The real friendship is sparked by common interest, activities and hobbies they can take part in together. The fact that you have more guys as friends than women doesn’t make you bad. What it just indicates is that she isn’t really the drama type.

She can’t stop smoking weed.

To be honest, she may be unwilling to stop. But she has no problem stopping. As earlier mentioned, there is no scientific study or work that proves that weed is addictive. Medically, the use of marijuana is adopted because there’s the belief that it my treat glaucoma, stop cancer cells from progressing and, help to stop seizures, and so on. Many people use weed for various reasons and purposes. No matter what it is used for, smoking weed should not be linked to violence or aggression in any way. Smoking weed induces creativity and give you the inspiration to get a whole lot of sh*t done. There’s not much difference between men who smoke weed and women who do. Stoner chicks are actually cool, they keep it real, and just want to feel the presence of the right people at the right time.

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