7 Ways To Hide The Smell of Smoking Weed

Weed has one of the most unique, pungent and recognizable aromas there is. Whilst some stoners are free to unleash their dank stench on the masses, others amongst us need to keep our smoking stealth.  The wave of legalization is coming my friends, and someday we will live in a nation where we will be able to parade our pot with pride, until then, however, let’s share some of our top tips to keep your getting high on the down low.

Use a Sploof

A doob tube (aka a “sploof”) is a home-made device designed to make the smell of weed turn into the smell of fresh laundry. Using a Smoke Buddy makes destroying a bowl acceptable- even on a visit home to the parents for the weekend. Or get creative and make your own sploof.


Smoke Buddy

Cover the Stink

One of the easiest ways to dampen that distinctive aroma is simply to cover it. Slow release incense burners and plug-ins can do the trick- for a more robust solution that’s soft on the pocket long term by eliminating expensive refills try an oil diffuser. The essentials oils in the air are amazing for your skin, it ensures the air in never too dry and you can choose your sent to customize your smoke den.

air purifyer

Invest in an air purifier:

Air purifiers are an easy way to eliminate weed smoke as soon as it is produced, also preventing dank smell from accumulating on carpets, walls and furniture. Our favourite the Germ Guardian replaces all the air inside any room every 10 hours. Of course, if you smoke in your room a lot, the scent will stick around for quite a while, even on days that you don’t smoke.

Air Purifier

Try vaping:

Of course we’ve discussed the many benefits of vaping over smoking in detail in our blog post, vaporizing weed instead of smoking it can mean super-discreet, al fresco blazing. Drag your dank on the downlow; vaping reduces the smell and some vapes are super tiny, purse or pocket-friendly you can smoke on the go and not stink of your stash. Whilst we don't want you to waste your (weed) money all in one stoney splash, a good vape is a much less wasteful way to weed up, saving you coins in the long run.

 Valcano vape

Get Alfresco

If possible, chose an outside, well-ventilated area. This will give the smoke somewhere to escape to instead of lingering in the area and on clothing. If you must be inside, there’s the age old trick of laying a trusty towel at the bottom of the door and taping up any cracks. Or try a draft excluder.

 draft excluer


You don’t need me to tell you this- use your weed-addled brain: take a shower, wash your hands, shampoo your hair, use some body spray, brush your teeth, spray some Febreeze. Even stoners need to take showers sometimes.


Cooking with Cannabis

While cooking with cannabis, the kitchen – and every other room of the house – will stink to ‘high’ heaven with a weedy aroma. However by cooking now, you can munch on edibles on the downlow for as long as the batch lasts. Take the hassle out of the process with an extractor machine to make the perfect cannabutter every time. Cook some onion and garlic after to mask the smell.


What do you do to hide the smell of weed? Leave a comment below

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