7 Things Only People Who Smoke Weed Will Totally Understand

There some words used by weed smokers which you would find difficult to comprehend if you don’t smoke. From attempting to conceal your high from your parents, to finding someone with food, it’s just hard to really have an understanding of these moments if you aren’t a consumer of cannabis. However, these moments can be imagined, at least. Or, if you are a smoker, you can laugh as you remember and relate to each of those experiences as they happened to you. Here are 11 things best understood by only people who smoke weed.

The joy of purchasing a ton of pot

Truly, it’s a feeling understood the most by cannabis faithfuls. Nobody likes to be dankrupt. Getting more is always a great feeling.

Trying to conceal your high from your parents

If you are still under the roof of your mum and dad, this may occur quite often. But often times, they still get to find out. Hopefully, they derive some enjoyment secretly from the weed just like you do.

Keeping up with a conversation when you are high

The conversations can be really weird and strange, depending on how high you are. However, there are no boring topics, and they can be full of intrigue, to say the least.

Before you realize it, you are so high. So high to point where you have no idea of what to do next.

The level of excitement that comes with the arrival of the pizza man.

Mmm.. Lots of people can’t say no to pizza. You find it hard to hold your excitement each time the pizza man comes around.

The amount of pain associated with losing your stash.

Being dankrupt is one thing, losing the weed which you already have is another thing entirely, especially if you really just purchased one.

When mom and dad walks in while you are busy loading your bong.

What’s the way out? Bury the bong? Find somewhere to hide? Most of the time, chances are that there won’t be enough time to think of any breakthrough idea.

Are there more situations you are familiar with? Let us know in the comment section below.

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