7 Reasons Why Girls Who Smoke Weed Make Perfect Girlfriends

What could be more fun than getting to know a girl that smokes weed? Girls into ganja aren’t just excellent in the sack, they are also easy going lasses. Getting to meet a girl that’s interesting and easy going is easier said than done. But the moment you bump into a lady that has the same affinity for 420 as you, the possibilities are limitless. From sharing soul-lifting smiles to experiencing explosive orgasms, here’s a list of reasons why weed-smoking girls are the perfect girlfriends.

She’s got an amazing sense of humor

Girls who are into smoking the herb can be hilarious. Therefore, there is a good chance you will continue to laugh your a** off. Although relationships aren’t  just fun all the way, when you both share some amazing weed moments together, it will remind you of your reason for being together.

Fewer petty arguments

Fights over irrelevant things are common in a relationship. But when you are into a girl that smokes weed, she’s got a good view about life. She knows the important things in life and the ones that don’t matter much. In fact, cannabis smokers rarely get angry. Ganja smokers know perfectly the importance of not arguing over unreasonable stuff.

Lady smokers aren’t dependent on anyone

A woman who has made up her mind to smoke weed will follow her passion irrespective of how the society feels. The reason for that is that she has an independent mind and can take her own decision.

There won’t be any boring moment in the relationship

Truly, being high makes so many things better. And having a woman you can always blaze with has unlimited potentials. Think about getting lost in a satisfying movie, sharing exotic snacks, just to mention a few. The great and explosive sex is also worth mentioning.

Making her happy doesn’t take much

If your woman is the weed-smoking type, chances are that she will always be a happy woman, as long as she isn’t hungry or dankrupt. Stealing her bud or food, however, may lead to some unpleasant issues.

She has a soft spot for music

Generally, potheads, have the ability to recognize good music the moment they hear one. Therefore you may be surprised to be treated to some amazing tricks while you both blaze together.

She’ll share with you

All in all, sharing, especially in group sessions, has long been associated with cannabis.   As a matter of fact, walking into a pre-rolled blunt made by your woman is very much possible. If this is your situation, putting a ring on it wouldn’t be a bad idea.

There are 100's of reasons why stoner goddesses make the best girlfriends known to man. Have you thought of any more? Write us a comment and let us know!


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