7 Countries Growing the World’s Best Weed

As cannabis grows in popularity and acceptance, entrepreneurs continue to strive to come up with the very best. For this singular reason, there’s always a new level of bud quality in the market. But where exactly can you come across ganja that is really top notch nowadays? While you can find high quality weed in the U.S., you can also come across top notch ganja all over the world. From Jamaica to the Netherlands, here are the top ten places that boast of the best bud.

Australia’s weed

Cannabis’ popularity in Australia is massive. But those that utilize the herb the most are the native tribes that dwell there. When it comes to growing, Australia is also the perfect place, with its wide open spaces allowing great distance between anything. Therefore, there’s little or no chance of you bumping into your neighbor.


Jamaica‘s weed

 Truly, Jamaica is blessed with top-notch herb. After all, the infamous Bob Marley was born and bred there. Not to mention, Jamaica is blessed with temperature and sparkling waters that’s just perfect for the cultivation of cannabis. In fact, the climate on the island allows for three growing cycles capable of producing some of the globe’s finest weed.


Netherlands’s weed

Thousands of people travel to Amsterdam every year just to have a feel of the weed. Aside having 200 legal coffee shops, the city hosts the cannabis cup, which takes place every year. The Netherlands has a connection with some of the world’s best strains. So, there is a great chance that you will find the right standard of ganja you seek.

Mexico’s weed

In fact, the word “marihuana” originated from Mexico. Therefore you’d want to admit the country has some exotic ganja in stock. Mexican sativa, kush and chronic are some of the best strains. Although there is the general believe by Americans that only dirt weed can be scored in mexico, there are quite a good number of some brilliant varieties.

United State’s weed

Despite the fact that weed is considered illegal on a federal level, cannabis is still being legalized by a number of states. At the moment, 21 states, plus Washington D.C., permit either for medical or recreational use. USA has all of the best lines of weed. And if the people are in dire need of what they don’t have, they will certainly get it.

Canada’s weed

Canada’s pot was considered top quality during 2004. As a matter of fact, it was so good that countries that were new to cultivation sought assistance from Canada. Take Uruguay, for instance, who decided to get in touch with Canadian authorities to request for samples. These particular specimens guided them in selecting the best strains to grow.

Colombia’s weed

Colombia, in addition to cocaine, cultivates some of the most exciting strains of cannabis. It is also worth mentioning that the climate just happens to be a perfect fit for the herb. Also, weed earns the country a sizable amount of profit. As a matter of fact, so much, that Colombians keep appealing to companies to travel here just for the purpose of growing.

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