6 Ways To Save Money On Weed

March happens to be an extremely tight month, wait patiently though, the end isn’t too far away. You can almost feel the taste of that next pay packet. But while you wait eagerly for that glorious day, here are a few tips to help you save some on weed.

Keep It to Yourself

Listen—sharing can be said to be caring; you don’t have to keep acting like you are the Robin Hood of weed. If you you’re on a shoe-string budget then you just don’t have to make your smoking intentions known. Remember that there will come a day when you can share as much as you can.


Use a Grinder

One perfect way to conserve your weed is to grind it before you stuff it into your smoking device. Grinding the flower helps to increase its surface area. So in theory, it becomes easier to pack more bowls with ground weed. Come to think of it, have you just packed your bowl with nugs? Did you notice how fast they burned, and how it looked like you used up so much weed within a very short time? Check out Blaze and Leaf's full range of grinders here to start stretching that stash as soon as possible. 


Space Out Your Smoking

Let’s be plain, the fun we derive from smoking weed can be likened to what we got from the merry-go-round when we were kids – I still derive some fun in a good merry-go-round ride. But the fact that smoking is fun doesn’t mean you have to keep smoking one after another, non-stop. There is limit to the amount of THC our bodies can process, so there is a level of highness you will attain that cannot be breached without having to wait. Let’s save up some buds and save the joints out.


Use All Parts of Your Weed Stash

I recently shared with you some nice points on how to use stems and seeds, you can access them here. But on a serious note, save your stem, all klef that appear to escape from your grinder, make the best use of a reclaimer attachment. You would be amazed how much you’d save from whole month conservation. Make sure you are getting out every little tiny part with our 3-in-1 Pipe and Grinder Tool to tease out every last crumb.


Pipe Up

It's no secret that pipes waste a lot less weed than smoking joints. All the burning going on whilst your chatting away or staring interchangeably at the wall or into space could be going in your lungs instead of the room around you! Check out our full range of budget smoking pipes here. 


Grow Your Own Weed

If you reside in a legal state, use the laws that permit you to grow your own weed to your advantage. Growing cannabis nowadays has become extremely easy. There are even products that make the entire process automated. However, be careful if it’s not legal in your state.


Mix With Mangos

If you are on a shoe-string budget but crave an intense high, you might consider eating a couple of mangoes before you smoke. Mangoes have been found to contain myrcene which is contained also in the flowers of cannabis. The body readily processes myrcene and also interacts with THC so as to aid your high. Hopefully, your little bit of herb will be enough to get you high that you will not remember to smoke more.

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