5 Ways to Use Your Seeds and Stems

Opening a fresh bag of weed is one of life's biggest pleasures (well, in my life anyway). But there is no feeling worse than discovering that inside lies a mess of stems and seeds and most of the weight you paid for endding up in the trash. 

Agreed, stems and seeds do not have the same high quality like buds, but they are not totally useless either. Lots of people collect their seeds and stems for a rainy dankrupt kind of day. The belief of many people is that only tea could be brewed but we are now better enlightened, stems and seeds can be used for a wide range of interesting and great things.

Here are our top 5 ideas abut how to rid them from your life whilst wringing out every last THC molecule. 



The cannabis topical products have now grown in popularity, as they are potent at helping to cure many ailments. If you’ve been collecting and saving up your stems, the idea of making cannabis topical might interest you. Reach for a 420 friendly recipe and get creative.

Bubble hash

If you aren’t very used to bubble hash, it’s a solventless ash derived when you wash cannabis plants to rid them of resins. There are not many resins on stems but just a handful of them can generate bubble hash. Have you stockpiled a whole lot of stems? This option may be a good fit.

Stem Pen

As silly as it may sound or appear, a pen can actually be made from the stem of cannabis. Stalks from left-over harvest are what you will need, as you really need the pens to be pen-sized, a sand paper, drill press, and a simple pen kit that is available for purchase online or at any craft shop.

Hemp Wick

Do you enjoy smoking but pissed by fumes of butane? Feeling excited enough to want to make an attempt at making your very own wick? Well your stems can easily be used for that. Collect a number of longer stems or stalks strip them into a good number of stringy fibers. Form a thin rope from them by twisting the fibers tightly together. Fold the resulting twisted rope in half and twist them again. Immerse the twisted rope in beewax and clean off the excess.


Yes, using your saved stems to make your own hemp is possible. To make this, all you need to do is to grind cannabis and soak in water overnight. After soaking it, thoroughly blend the stem solution in a blender. Add water according to your need. Evenly pour the pulp on a screen. To make yours at home, you can stretch nylon stockings over any wooden frame. It takes about 24 hours to dry but monitor your paper and make sure it is removed from the deckle before it dries completely.

If you have different ideas or know some other things seed and stems can be used for, please do let us know via the comment section below.

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