4 Ways Climate Change Could Affect Weed

What impact will the imminent climate change have on our ability to cultivate and grow weed? Whenever many of us try to glance into the future of cannabis, legalization is probably what drops on our hearts, right? While legalization seems to be the most burning issue as far as cannabis is concerned right now, it’s about time we looked at the impact another challenge militating against our planet could have on cannabis. Of course the issue I’m trying to raise is climate change. So, will our ability to cultivate cannabis be affected in any way by climate change?

Hemp May Be Seen As the Alternative Fuel

One thing that seems to be most interesting about climate, with respect to cannabis, is the effect it may have on legalization. Cannabis happens to be a hearty plant that is capable of adapting to even the most unfavorable conditions thrown at it by climate change. Hemp’s extreme usefulness is such that it can even act as fuel. In fact, a time may come in the near future when cannabis is not only regarded as an alternative fuel, but the best option by all standards. Cannabis could help rescue our planet.

Potency of the Weed May Increase

There is a likelihood that the potency of our darling plant will continue to rise with increase in global temperature. According to the findings of lots of botanist, a plant releases more of its medicinal properties and substances as it comes up against tougher conditions such as extreme cold, heat, disease, and so on. Proteins and carbs are readily converted to metabolites so as to defend the plant from extreme and harsh conditions. So, in the mean time, we can keep getting baked as we watch with keen interest how the planet is fracked by the oil and gas industry.

Weed Could Require Less Water

There are botanists who have been credited with the claim that as the effect of drought bites harder, the cannabis plant will adapt itself in such a way that it will need less water than it does at the moment. Just like I pointed out initially, cannabis is a form of weed, and weeds have a history of adapting to extremely unfavorable conditions, such as those that could be linked to drought. We could as well witness a surge in the population of cannabis plant.

We Could End Up With More Room to Grow the Weed

One of the ways cannabis cultivation impacts the environment lays in the amount of land it uses up. Now, as it is being legalized in other nations, there’s a rise in demand, even as the demand for land to grow it on rises. One of the more pronounced effects of climate change is that higher elevations experience higher temperatures. Naturally, what this really means is that people will have to cultivate cannabis at higher elevations. Cannabis is a very tough plant, really.

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